Brief Financial Diagnosis of a Transnational Company

Brief Financial Diagnosis of a Transnational Company

Number 12, December 2020  »  Finance

Lecturer Bogdan Cosmin Gomoi, PhD
Associate Professor Mioara Florina Pantea, PhD
Lecturer Lavinia Denisia Cuc, PhD
"Aurel Vlaicu" University of Arad

Abstract: This article highlights a brief financial diagnosis of a transnational company, defined by visibility, transparency, credibility and performance. At the same time, such a company is characterized by a structural diversity in terms of wealth and performance. Among the aspects considered there is the creditworthiness, which is the sum of the liquidity and the solvency, the profitability, which is a reflection of the financial performance, and also the cash flow as an actual expression of the financial balance and the efficiency of the activity.
Classification JEL: G17, G19, F23 | Pages: 19-28

Statistics: abstract views 70 | PDF downloads 1272 | PDF views 38

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