National and International Fiscal Regulations on Value Added Tax (I)

National and International Fiscal Regulations on Value Added Tax (I)

Number 10, October 2020  »  Taxation

Econ George-Adrian Stanciu
Vrancea, Romania

Abstract: This paper aims to analyze national and international tax regulation on VAT. The reason why we chose this topic is the fact that in recent years the legislative changes on VAT have seen numerous updates on the Romanian economic market, which leads us to think that there are fluctuations in the activity of a company, both from an economic and an operational perspective.
Taking into account the economic potential of our country, which is not very well exploited, we believe that this paper can bring into discussion a challenging topic. The main purpose is to analyze and reflect the impact of the change in VAT legislation on the business environment, as well as on the final consumer.
Classification JEL: K34, H87 | Pages: 61-72

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