Non-Financial Reporting in Romania in the pre-Directive 2014/95/EU Period (1990-2013)

Non-Financial Reporting in Romania in the pre-Directive 2014/95/EU Period (1990-2013)

Number 5, May 2020  »  Sustainability and non-financial reporting

Professor Adriana Tiron-Tudor, PhD a
Teodora Viorica Fărcaș, PhD b
Ioana Dragu, PhD b
Ecaterina Monica Moise, PhD student b
a Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
b Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Abstract: In Romania, a country with a former centralised economy governed by a communist regime up to 1990, there was a tradition for reporting non-financial information, which includes corporate social responsibility, sustainability and environmental issues. This paper aims to analyse the transition to a free-market economy and a democratic society that encompasses complex socio-economic transformation processes, with a specific focus on non-financial reporting as a measure of its progress. Using the neoinstitutional normative theory framework, a qualitative methodology-based analysis of the national regulations concerning corporate reporting. This paper aims to outline the steps taken by Romania toward a market economy, through the lens of non-financial voluntary or mandatory reporting in for different types of entities.

The results presented in this paper represents a part of the research conducted by the team in the frame of INTEREST-INTEgrated REporting for SMEs Transparency project, ERASMUS+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership 2019-1-HU01-KA202-060911
Classification JEL: M40 | Pages: 63-72

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