The Accounting Education, Between Digitalisation and the COVID-19 Crisis

The Accounting Education, Between Digitalisation and the COVID-19 Crisis

Number 10, October 2020  »  Information management and technology

Professor Robert-Aurelian Șova, PhD
Associate Professor Adriana Florina Popa, PhD
Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Abstract: The present article represents an analysis regarding the effects of the current challenges posed mainly by digitalisation, but also by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, on professional bodies and the continuing professional development of their members. In the constant fight for adaptation and survival carried out both in their own interest and in that of their business clients, professional accountants must find solutions to make the best decisions and to optimize their activity in order to meet the current market requirements. There is a need for a long-term vision that focuses on the accounting education, based on the development of new accounting skills that go beyond the traditional ones and that may result in the transition from retrospection to forecasting.
Classification JEL: A20, A29, M41, O33, H12 | Pages: 3-8

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