The Impact of Applying AAOIFI in Islamic Banks. Case Study in Iraqi Islamic Banks (II)

The Impact of Applying AAOIFI in Islamic Banks. Case Study in Iraqi Islamic Banks (II)

Number 10, October 2021  »  Financial accounting and reporting

Dhiaa Al Deen Alazzawi, PhD
Professor Ileana Nișulescu-Ashrafzadeh, PhD
Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Abstract: The objective of this research is to study the impact of applying the AAOIFIs in Islamic banks, while referring to the impact of applying the AAOIFIs in Arab countries, the focus being on the Iraqi Islamic banks. The major responsibility of the AAOIFIs is to guarantee that accounting methods comply with Sharia – Islamic law, which is only used by a few financial institutions in Islamic countries especially Islamic banks. The AAOIFIs are an enchanting prospect coming from the holy scripts.
The researchers obtained the data for the study through a questionnaire prepared for this purpose, distributed to 68 workers in the field of Islamic banks. The researchers received 52 responses from several Islamic banks. The study concluded with the set of results that Islamic banks are seeking for the profitability without increasing the security for their deposits or attracting more investors, and the customers of Islamic banks are seeking for “legal benefits” by their investment.
The study led to the conclusion that the adoption of the AAOIFIs in Islamic banks will not help attracting foreign investments. The study suggested there is an urgent and actual need to adopt and implement the IFRSs instead of the AAOIFIs within the sample of the study and include other institutions with a similar environment like Islamic banks.
Classification JEL: M40, G21 | Pages: 51-59

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