The Tax Regime of Non-Profit Organisations

The Tax Regime of Non-Profit Organisations

Number 2, February 2020  »  Taxation

Elena Stănciulescu, PhD

Abstract: Considering the obligation of non-profit organisations to declare the corporate tax every year and taking into account that, nowadays, numerous entities of this type have a taxable income besides the nontaxable one, it is necessary that we apply the special tax rules correctly, that we follow the tax result calculation steps set out by the Methodological norms for the application of the Fiscal Code and that we are acquainted with the declarative obligations. In addition, if the non-profit organisation registers for tax deductions and it receives a sponsorship, the tax payer making the sponsorship can subtract the related amount from the corporate tax.
Classification JEL: K34, L31 | Pages: 58-66

Statistics: abstract views 252 | PDF downloads 2835 | PDF views 40

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