SAF-T – The Reporting that Will Improve the Collection?

SAF-T – The Reporting that Will Improve the Collection?

Number 12, December 2021  »  Taxation

Florin Andrei, PhD
Alina Petraș, PhD student
Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Abstract: The aim of the research paper is to project a framework of the newly introduced reporting tool SAF-T. Based on the guidelines launched by OECD, different countries implemented the model as indicated or a customized one. The key question is whether the new reporting will increase the state revenues, as there will be more transparency and more online data reported by the companies. Poland and Hungary provided good results in increasing their revenues after the implementation of the tool. In Romania, the implementation is still in the early stage, while a quantitative model for analysis, if the reporting increased the revenues, could be developed in the future, based on the revenue results.
Classification JEL: H26, H61, H87 | Pages: 52-56

Statistics: abstract views 93 | PDF downloads 149 | PDF views 77

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