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Aims and Scope

The CECCAR BUSINESS REVIEW (CBR) is a monthly international peer-reviewed open access journal, in English and Romanian language, which serves as a medium for relevant original research articles, fast communication and high-quality reviews of recent advances in the areas of business science — including financial accounting and reporting; management accounting; forensic and investigative accounting; information management and technology; taxation; business valuation; finance; business strategy risk and corporate governance; financial and performance management; sustainability and non-financial reporting; internal control, audit and assurance; business law; leadership and entrepreneurship.

The journal is published by the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania – CECCAR.


The journal intends to bridge the gap between research and business practices to enhance innovation efficiency. For this purpose, the journal fosters academic/scholarly and professional/applied research by publishing high-quality original research articles, which illustrate the true breadth of the methodologies and applications that define the research field, and provide new insights that further the progress of business innovation.

The primary aim of the journal is to provide a proper medium in which scholars and professionals from various business-related fields can publish their works and where they can interact with members in or outside their own fields.

The articles published in this journal use formal, scientific and systematic procedures to discover answers, guided by an already existing theory, and focus on research goals/questions arising from business needs.

The target audience comprises scholars and researchers belonging to all universities and research centers, as well as professionals and executives from the business world. The journal also serves educators and students.

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