Tax Measures Adopted in the Context of the Coronavirus Crisis

Tax Measures Adopted in the Context of the Coronavirus Crisis

Number 5, May 2020  »  Taxation

Associate Professor Adriana Florina Popa, PhD
Lecturer Radu Ciobanu, PhD
Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Abstract: In this difficult period, the support of tax authorities, who have adopted a series of economic, tax and budget measures, is very important. What tax and procedural support measures are available in this period in which the fight against the effects of the coronavirus pandemic seems to use up all of our resources?
In the present article we aim to answer this question by carefully analyzing the main regulations adopted during this period, including the most important ones: GEO No. 29/2020, GEO No. 30/2020, GEO No. 32/2020, GEO No. 33/2020, GEO No. 41/2020, GEO No. 48/2020, GEO No. 53/2020, OMPF No. 1819/2020, OMPF No. 1830/2020.
Classification JEL: H12, K34 | Pages: 44-52

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