Approaches to Setting Sales Prices

Approaches to Setting Sales Prices

Number 6, June 2021  »  Financial and performance management

Professor Corina-Graziella Bâtcă-Dumitru, PhD
Associate Professor Daniela-Nicoleta Sahlian, PhD
Associate Professor Cleopatra Șendroiu, PhD
Ioan-Codruț Țurlea, PhD
Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Abstract: Accounting information can be used to set prices, especially in the case in which the company is a market leader and can impose its own price-setting policy on its market. So, prices are generally already set by market leaders and the existence of competition in the case of similar products requires other organization to adapt their prices in order to match theirs.
Even in these circumstances, knowing and understanding costs helps managers make decisions regarding the choice of product/service that must be carried out, the quantity that should be sold and whether the market price justifies the business risk involved in any decision to sell on this market. At the same time, understanding the adopted marketing strategy is crucial to using the information provided by management accounting (regarding costs) for price-related decisions.
Classification JEL: G13, G17, G31, M11 | Pages: 18-25

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