Financial Mechanisms Used in Implementing Projects with European Funds

Financial Mechanisms Used in Implementing Projects with European Funds

Number 8, August 2021  »  Finance

Lecturer Mihaela Enachi, PhD
"Vasile Alecsandri" University of Bacău

Abstract: In order to finance their activity, companies have the possibility to access European funds provided that they fulfil certain eligibility criteria specific to different financing programs, ensure administrative compliance, obtain an appropriate score in the technical-financial evaluation phase and fall into the budget allocated to the call for projects. Once the financing contract is signed, the implementation of the projects begins, which involves making expenses for the purchase of goods/services/works, as the case may be. The payments involved in carrying out such operations may be temporarily supported from the company’s own funds, until the money is received from the financer in a certain amount or, definitively, both from the company’s own funds and non-reimbursable funds. Thus, after signing the financing contracts, depending on the preference of the beneficiaries or the conditions imposed by a certain context, different financial mechanisms could intervene: pre-financing requests, payment requests and reimbursement requests. This paper aims to enable the understanding of professional accountants, but also other stakeholders, regarding the mechanisms through which the funds are transferred to beneficiaries in European funded projects.
Classification JEL: M41, H29 | Pages: 45-52

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